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About Us

Who we serve

The 28th District Court is a third-class district court, created by state law, and serves the Southgate, Michigan community.

There are 105 District Courts in the State of Michigan. District Courts are often referred to as the “people’s court” because they are the courts with which most citizens have contact.


The cases handled in the 28th District Court include all small claims cases where the amount in dispute is $6,500.00 or less and the parties represent themselves, all civil lawsuits where the amount in dispute is $25,000.00 or less, all adult misdemeanor and ordinance criminal cases where the maximum jail sentence is less than one year, all civil infraction traffic and parking offenses, all adult preliminary examinations of felony criminal cases, and all landlord-tenant and land contract cases.

The District Court Judge also has the authority to issue arrest and search warrants, conduct misdemeanor and felony arraignments, and set bail and accept bonds.

Other Courts

Michigan’s constitution provides that the judicial power of the state is vested exclusively in one court of justice. Our judicial branch of government is sub-divided into different types of courts and each have the power to decide different types of cases: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Court of Claims, Circuit Court, District Court, and Municipal Court.