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Gov Pay

If you are on probation, have pled guilty to a misdemeanor, or if you would like to pay your civil infraction you canuse a credit card to pay fines and costs online through GovPayExp.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay your civil infraction using this service you are admitting responsibility to the civil infraction and you are NOT contesting the civil infraction. Any court date that you may have already set up for the civil infraction will be cancelled.

You cannot post a bond online or pay restitution using GovPay.
You must have the following information availablewhen making your payment through GovPay:

  1. Pay location code: 1227.
  2. Your court case or ticket number and the date it was issued.
  3. Your driver license number
  4. Your license plate number
  5. The type of offense (e.g., speeding, parking, red light, etc.)
  6. Your date of birth
  7. The total amount owed
  8. A valid Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express
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NOTE: GovPay is a third-party that charges a service fee. The 28th District Court does not receive any portion of that fee.